Join Karlos Finley on this journey to “SEE” a better, more united city for us because we are


Safety + Economy + Environment 



Safe Neighborhoods, Safe Communities

  • Prioritize walkable neighborhoods, diversify transportation, collaborate on mixed-use developments (SMART growth).

  • Invest in existing communities and revitalize underserved, underprivileged neighborhoods. 

  • Increase access to mental health resources in underserved and/or trauma-informed communities. 

  • Create or optimize targeted social programs to combat homelessness (hygiene stations for homeless and housing insecure). 

  • Incentivize police officers to live in the communities they serve. 

  • Empower NGOs, HOAs, and youth in our community (youth ambassadors).

  • Eliminate poverty by supporting economic development and social programs that help lift people out of poverty. 

  • Strengthen and develop infrastructure as needed: water and sewer systems, drainage, sidewalks, roads, lighting, fiber upgrades, underground power lines, etc.

  • Support public schools (revitalize neighborhood schools).



  • Plan for sustainable growth that addresses the population decline plaguing our city/county. Mobile County has a net loss of 2800 people in 2020--largest decrease of any other county in Alabama.

  • Annexation: the exodus of residents to West Mobile County has caused a disparity in available amenities for residents. A shift back to Mobile for residents in the county can bring grocery stores and shopping back to our city.

  • Attract 21st century jobs (trades and professional); work with manufacturing and renewal energy sectors to train existing workforce to compete with ever-changing technology including wind and solar technicians; partner with academies at high schools, local universities, and community colleges to create workforce development pipeline. 

  • Develop the Riverfront (shopping, dining, park with open green space); splash pad for kids (Mardi Gras Park).

  • Drive towards eliminating poverty (25% of Mobile residents live in poverty) and income inequality for greater economic and racial justice.

  • Engage citizen stakeholders in plans for downtown revitalization and Civic Center. 

  • Support small business development.

  • Support minority-owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs. 

  • Create and maintain diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and leadership in city.

  • Amplify Mobile’s tourism industry (eco-tourism and culture and heritage): Riverfront, Africatown: Clotilda, Heritage House. 

  • Cultural & Heritage Tourism is the fastest-growing segment of the tourism industry in our country. Mobile, a city of 319 years, has a unique opportunity to benefit from its history.

  • Increase minimum wage. 

  • Decriminalize marijuana.

  • Protect our waterways, expand biking and hiking trails, green spaces. 

  • Enhance Brookley waterfront access and development. 

  • Develop and launch an eco-tourism strategy (Riverfront, Africatown and America’s Amazon - Mobile Bay).

  • Incentivize curbside recycling.

  • Engage and empower youth to become civically engaged and participate in green projects. 

  • Engage residents to provide input into planning of community to address environmental justice.